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Voting Hours

Voting BEGINS at 8:00:00 AM on Monday, April 8, 2019
Voting CLOSES at 3:59:59 PM on Thursday, April 11, 2019.

New Student Transportation Fee

With the 2019 Spring BCSGA Elections coming up on Monday, April 8 through Thursday, April 11, we are writing to share with you some exciting details of a new proposed Student Transportation Fee. The proposed fee of $28 for fall and spring and $15 for summer, would grant enrolled Bakersfield College students unlimited access to public transportation services for both the GET Bus and Kern Transit in the semester they are a student. 

BCSGA will be hosting two town hall meetings to discuss the new mandatory student fee and we invite everyone to attend. We will discuss this new fee over free coffee and donuts.

  • Tuesday, April 2, at 9:00 a.m. in Levinson Hall, room 40
  • Monday, April 8, at 10 a.m. in Levinson Hall, room 40
  • Wednesday, April 10, at 3 p.m. in Levinson Hall, room 40

Some more information regarding the proposed Student Transportation Fee:

  • The GET Bus offers 16 different routes ( all throughout Bakersfield, so for example, a BC student can finish up a class, hop on the bus and go shopping at the Tejon Ranch Outlets. 
  • Kern Transit reaches all across Kern county ( BC students can ride for free out to the Delano Campus, or head out to go fishing at Lake Isabella, or river rafting in Kernville.  Head out to Mojave to see the Red Rock Canyon State Park or take a tour of Edwards Air Force Base!  The possibilities are endless with the 16 different routes that they offer.

Pro Arguments:

  • Provides students the opportunity for affordable transportation services within GET Bus, Kern Transit, and the Renegade Shuttle Services.
  • The Renegade Express Shuttle offers direct transportation between the three Bakersfield College campuses (Panorama, Weill Institute downtown, and BC SouthWest) on Mondays thru Thursdays, 7am-7pm.
  • The monthly pass for GET Bus costs $42 ($504 annually); this is a $433 savings to the student who uses the GET Bus. Please note that GET Bus passes are scheduled to increase to $45 per month after October 2019.  
  • Kern Transit’s monthly pass is $65 ($780 annually); this is a $709 savings per student annually.
  • All funds accumulated from the Transportation Fee goes directly to offset the costs of the transportation services provided to the students
  • All services are ADA and bicycle accessible.
  • Promotes alternative transportation, which can reduce the carbon footprint and relieve automobile traffic and parking congestion on campus
  • It will help students who do not have modes of transportation and those whose vehicle is out of commission.
  • Students will be able to ride the bus seven (7) days a week.
  • Bus routes will be available inner-city as well as in the rural Kern areas (McFarland, Delano, Arvin, Shafter, Lost Hills).
  • Eliminates the need to find or pay for parking on campus and reduce congestion in surrounding residential neighborhoods

Con Arguments:

  • Some people dislike public transportation and would not use it.
  • Students that do not use public transit will still have to pay the fee.
  • The potential loss of revenue from parking permit sales will decrease college funding for the parking lot and structure maintenance
  • If a majority of students do not utilize the transportation services, transportation company may be overpaid for services
  • Inconsistent accessibility to community transportation stations and schedules
  • Students will need to pay an additional fee up to $28 for fall and spring instructional semesters and $15 for summer instructional semester.
  • Everyone would pay the fee without an option to opt-out
  • Public transportation runs on set schedules, which may not mesh with travel demands of class schedules
  • Public transport can be slower than traveling using your personal car and has a lower level of comfort for people riding the bus.

Don’t forget to Vote Yes on the new Transportation Fee via your insideBC on Monday, April 8, 2019!  It’s a great move for the Renegades!

Candidates for President

Samantha smiling.

Samantha Pulido

Major: Computer Science
Email Samantha Pulido

Samantha Pulido is a Computer Science major and this is her second year at Bakersfield College. In the Spring of 2020, she will be graduating with her Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics Associates degree.

Her experience in student government and student leadership is she has been in the Bakersfield College Student Government Association for about 1 year. Her positions in BCSGA were Senator for the Summer and Fall 2018 semester, and Vice President for Spring 2019 semester. Also, while holding these positions she has been the Women in Science and Engineering Club President. 

Samantha Pulido has many goals for the position of President of the Bakersfield College Student Government Association. One of her goals is to ensure that student's voice are being advocated for throughout the school. This will be done by ensuring that their is easy access to communication between the student body and student government. She also wants to make sure that the general welfare of students are taken care of and if any school issues that occur in the student's life will be dealt with in a properly manner.

Candidates for Vice-President

Armando under the solar car port.

Armando Dimas

Major: Nursing/Rad Tech
Email Armando Dimas

I would like to run for the vice president position and use my knowledge of COBRA , brown act and Robert rule of orders to make sure things are being done correctly and the we are doing the best we can for every student in campus experience

Candidates for Senator

Danny with BC hat and Agriculture shirt.

Danny Escobar

Major: Plant Science
Email Danny Escobar

I would like to continue to serve the student body as a Bakersfield college student government association Senator. I would like to use my time as a SGA Senator to make students aware of all the resources available to them at Bakersfield college.

Closeup of Connor.

Connor Harris

Major: Political Science
Email Connor Harris

If you want a senator that work with the people not over them, if you want a student government that is the voice of the people and not the self-interest of officials, if you want a senator that will hold elected officials accountable for their actions then you should vote for me. We are in a historic time at BC, this election will decide if we want a future or the status quo. Political correctness has dominated the student government and I am the only one who is going to tell it like it is. If you want the status quo and spending more years at BC than you need, you would want to vote for the other candidate. I am not the guy who will stand idly by and do nothing. Vote for me if you want progress and more opportunities.

Candidates for Director of Student Organizations

Sam in front of a building.

Samuel Schissler

Major: Communication Studies
Email Samuel Schissler

By throwing my hat into the ring of Student Government, I hope to increase awareness and participation in BC's activities, and to strengthen our community as a whole.

Samuel W. McCall Outstanding Professor of the Year Award

The Samuel W. McCall Outstanding Professor of the Year Award is given annually to a Bakersfield College Faculty member who has been nominated and selected by the students. The Samuel W. McCall Outstanding Professor of the Year Award spotlights the college’s “super teachers.” All finalists are outstanding faculty members in their own right and represent the many, many fine faculty members who can be found in every department across the campus.

  • Sarah Baron, Public Health Sciences
  • Kren Campbell, Nursing
  • Olivia Garcia, History
  • Christie Howell, Psychology
  • |Rae Ann Kumelos, English/Mythology
  • William "Bill" Kelly, Agriculture
  • Joshua Ottum, Commercial Music
  • Talita Pruett, Communication
  • Jordan Rude, Psychology
  • Lidia Torres, Architecture